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  Assignments of new Special Judges - AO-2019-9
                Note on Vacant FD docket D

Judge Clark’s Family Division docket, FD Docket D, will be covered by
other Judges beginning April 1, 2019 as follows until a replacement
Special Judge is hired:

a.        Judge Doss will cover the docket on Mondays and Tuesdays.
These dockets are generally miscellaneous matters and motions. Judge
Doss’ current docket includes agreed divorces for all family judges.
Those agreeds will go to the assigned dockets in a manner decided by
the Chief Judge of the Division. Emergency guardianships that cannot be
covered by Judge Doss will be assigned to available Special Judges.

b.        Trials are set on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Judge
Hiddle will cover or call the trial dockets on Wednesdays, Thursdays,
and Fridays at 1:30 p.m.

Judge Hiddle’s afternoon Protective Order dockets will be called by one
of the Special Judges assigned to the Criminal Division (Judge Seibert,
Judge Guten, Judge Keeley, Judge Miller). These Judges are tasked
with coordinating amongst themselves the calling of that docket. If any
scheduling conflicts arise, they are instructed to advise their Division
Chief, Judge Moody.
RULE 10.        Courtroom Attire
Attorneys, as officers of the Court, should appear in Court in attire appropriate to practitioners of this honored
profession. Men shall wear coats and ties and women shall wear suitable attire for all Court appearances.


       Local Rule 10 “Courtroom Attire” of the Rules for the District Court of Tulsa County is temporarily modified for the
summer months.

       Acceptable dress includes short-sleeved collared shirts without ties, business casual slacks (no denim), socks and
shoes (no sneakers).  The attire should be “business casual” and applies to both men and women.

 Rule 10 IS NOT modified for any jury trial court appearance.